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Residential Support

PC Tech offers onsite and remote support to our clients. We can send a technician to your home or log into your computer remotely based on your preference! We always provide our customers with a FREE no-obligation diagnosis and quote, which separates us from many of our competitors who charge just to look at your computer. Let PC Tech help you and your family get back up and running quickly when computer issues arise.

  • Computer and Laptop Repairs

    Laptop repair is our specialty! Common issues with laptops that we assist with are: broken or crack screens, random shut downs, wireless internet dropping, and liquid spills.

  • Virus and Spyware Removal

    Spyware is such a problem on the majority of computers we service. We have found the best protection again viruses and malware is to educate the user, install browser addons, and use a reputable Antivirus product. When viruses happen we use a multitude of software combinations to ensure the infection is completely removed. After removal, we educate and help our customers to improve their computer’s safety and security from future threats.

  • Wireless Router and Printer Setup

    PC Tech offers a wide range of wireless options for computers and printers. If you need help setting up a wireless printer and sharing it with all your devices PC Tech can help. Is the wirelss in your house weak or drops frequently? We can test the signal and possibly install a range expander to help with those hard to reach areas.

  • Data Backup Solutions

    PC Tech can help secure and protect your important data like family pictures, videos, tax and financial information, etc. We offer external hard drives; cloud based backup solutions, and intuitive software to help prevent data loss. Most importantly your backup system should be tested at least twice a year. Backing up your data is step 1. Step 2 ensures that the data is recoverable in case of emergency or computer failure.

  • Email Help

    We can setup and configure a new email account as well as help divert spam mail

  • Tips & Tutoring

    PC Tech can help broaden your knowledge of computers and software applications by teaching common tips and shortcuts to improve your computer skills.

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Business Service and Support

Does your company want the best in class support? As a client of PC Tech we provide a 1HR response time to your company and your critical business processes. Whether your business is run by one person or a staff of 75 computer users, PC Tech can provide support to your company. We can help to maximize computer performance, ensure your company data is safe and secure, monitor your server and network, and much more. Call us to schedule a Free onsite consultation. 860-748-4582

  • FREE Company Assessment

    PC Tech Service offers a no obligation, free assessment to our business clients. Our consultation includes an assessment of your data backup procedures, network security, and overall health status of your computer systems.

  • Managed Services

    Let PC Tech Service manage and monitor your critical technology infrastructure to stop small issues before they become large-scale computer disasters.

  • Small Business Networks

    Whether you have a small business with just a few computers that need to share files and work more efficiently or a larger company in need of a more advanced Server setup to handle email and databases, PC Tech can help.

  • Virtualization and Remote Desktop

    PC Tech has been very successful in helping business’s reduce hardware costs and much more by installing Virtual Servers. Companies with employees working from home benefit from virtualization due to its ability to manage staff desktop profiles from the Hyper-V Server.

  • Backup and Cloud Based Solutions

    We can assist in developing a backup strategy that will ensure all will not be lost due to system failure. PC Tech can review the amount of data to be backed up, communicate options such as backup frequency, and develop a process for offsite storage that will benefit your company.

  • Office 365 Migrations

    Office 365 can help your company in so many ways. I'll list them soon.

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About Us

PC Tech Service has been providing outstanding service to both residential and business clients throughout Connecticut and Western Massachusetts for over 12 years. Our highly experienced technicians are prepared to diagnose and resolve a vast array of computer based issues. Our goal is to help our clients maintain healthy and efficient IT systems. We are proud of our proactive approach to IT which saves our client’s time and money.

What Sets Us Apart?

At PC Tech Service we never charge for diagnosis. No, you didn’t misread that…it is 100% FREE! We are happy to come look at your laptop, desktop, server, network, and more and provide you with an honest assessment on the best route to resolve your issues.

Another fantastic feature of PC Tech Service is our 1-Hour Response! Business clients with service contracts are guaranteed support from PC Tech Service within 1-Hour of reporting any business-critical issue. Whether you have faced production halting IT problems in the past or you are thinking about how to be more proactive for the future, this benefits value is easy to appreciate! 

Should we try?

Still not sure if PC Tech Service is a good fit? Take a look at our customer reviews, they speak for themselves! Whether you prefer onsite or remote service, we can help. Call or email us today to speak with a representative and see how we can make your computer problems disappear. (Insert Reviews) (Insert Angie’s List Awards)






What do our Clients Say?

My tech cleaned up my home computer and added anti-virus protection after I dissolved a long distance contract with a tech company from a far away land. He was able to remove all of their programs from my computer, some I did not even know about, and ensure that my computer could not be accessed by the people in never never again land. He added speakers to my computer. He helped me to set up a new phone system so it did not interfere with my computers. He set up a new touch screen computer. He set up a Neat system for storing receipts. He hooked up speakers to my laptop. He worked on 3 ancient printers. And THEN, he helped me with "cord control." I can now sweep the floor w/o banging into the surge protector, accidentally disconnecting devices, or worse, causing them to fall onto the floor. Everything is now in it's perfect place and is running the way it's supposed to! David from PC Tech meets the "3P" criteria of any professional whom I'd want to come to my home to perform work of any sort: PROMPT, PROFESSIONAL, and PERSONABLE!"

- Gayle, July 2015

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Client Testimonials

"Set up printer, cleaned off junk on computer and laptop. The young man was very knowledgeable and polite. He worked with us explaining what he was doing and everything worked perfectly when he left and is still working just great. We would ask for him again."

- Robert, March 2015

"My laptop issues were corrected and some PC and g mail features were better organized for me. The time was just enough to finish the job, the provider was knowledgeable, efficient and courteous."

- Jack, April 2015

"Cleaned security software and Windows 10. David was very professional, very knowledgeable. He checked my PC and installed software to get my PC running properly again. I have used this company in the past and am very pleased with their service. I would definitely use them again and recommend them for computer service."

- Judy, August 2015

"Matt was prompt and efficient. My computer is running 100 times better. I will recommend PC Tech Service to family and friends. Good job!"

- Susan, December 2015

"It went great! My computer was clearly failing and finally crashed the same day that the tech, Matthew, came to the house. The hard disk had completely failed, and he first tried to clone it so that I would not need to buy a new PC. But the disk was too corrupted to clone, so he took the drive with him so that he could transfer the data to an external hard drive overnight, then came back the next morning to drop off the external drive. He also helped me get started on my iPad, and gave me recommendations as to what computer I should buy to replace the old one. He did a great job and went above and beyond. Once I bought the new computer I hired PC Tech again to do a remote session to set up the new PC, and specifically requested Matthew."

- Pamela, February 2015

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