Customer Testimonial: Dave was very knowledgeable and polite. He helped me with some questions I had and was very patient while explaining. ~Becky Southington CT

12/12/11 We have been seeing a wide spread outbreak lately of what we call the "hidey virus". Desktop pictures gone! Documents, pictures, music, and programs...gone! No popups, or alerts that you have a virus just everything disappears. However you will see browsing the internet redirects your current page to somewhere else that solicites you. All is not lost (your data) just hidden. This infection has been a bugger to remove. In some cases we've had to resort to backing up the customer's data, and wiping the system clean. Norton, McAfee, and other antiviruses haven't stood a chance at this one. If you become one of the unlucky, give us a call we can help.
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